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AnyWeather Roofing can provide interested clients with a variety of siding services and installations. It is always a good idea for individuals to learn more about their options before they finalize their installation. There are several different types of siding materials that can be chosen for residential applications.

Among the most commonly available siding materials that AnyWeather Roofing can provide for homeowners is solid wood. Solid wood can be an excellent option for a more traditional appearance in the home. Wood is a very durable and sustainable option, and it can last homeowners as long as 55 years with proper maintenance.

Another wood option available with AnyWeather Roofing is known as composite wood. This wood is repurposed from waste wood. It is compressed into a solid and durable structure that can provide the home with several advantages. Additionally, our expert contractors can make it easy for homeowners to choose a wood that has a more realistic looking grain. AnyWeather Roofing can provide an affordable composite wood installation that resembles the shape, color and finish of real wood.

Homeowners may also choose to install brick and stone siding. AnyWeather Roofing provides this siding for customers who want a material that requires a lower degree of maintenance. This variety can perform well in just about all types of weather conditions, and customers should be sure to ask about how well this material can stand against the elements, including mold, fire, insect and moisture damage.

Individuals who are interested in a warmer appearance in their siding system will benefit from a stucco application. AnyWeather Roofing experts can apply this thin and artistic coating of cement to any home's exterior walls. It is one of the most affordable options available with the company.

The AnyWeather Roofing experts also provide acrylic coatings as well, especially for clients who are interested in a more modern appearance in their home. These options are usually made from a variety of materials, including concrete, polystyrene and glass fiber.

Finally, homeowners may choose to have fiber cement installed on their walls when they contact the company. This cement option can be molded to just about any style. It is very versatile and durable, and homeowners will enjoy its long lifespan.

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