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Wood shakes and shingles were in use long before the asphalt shingles that are so common today. They're still around, and they can offer some significant benefits over their asphalt counterparts.

The difference between wood shakes and wood shingles is subtle, and the two options have very similar features and disadvantages as a roof covering. Northern Kentucky roofers differentiate them based mostly on shape. While a wood shingle has uniform ends, a wood shake is split and tapered and thicker at the base end. Both are commonly made from cypress, redwood and pine.

Most property owners find that the biggest disadvantage to wood shingles is the cost, but these shingles can outlast other kinds of roofing if they're properly installed and maintained. Exposure to harsh weather conditions can reduce the lifespan of a wood roof, but they can potentially last 30 years or more. So, while their initial cost may be bit higher than other materials, wood shingles could save a homeowner money in the long run.

Wood is generally very durable. Although hail impact splits can still happen in extreme storms, wood shakes and shingles aren't as prone to being cracked by hail as asphalt shingles are. They're also not likely to be punctured, and they're less prone to damage from strong wind.

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However, they can be susceptible to some damage, like that caused by insects, that doesn't occur with asphalt shingles. Termites are the biggest offender, but proper care and regular inspections can usually spot an infestation before it causes severe damage. Additionally, wood shingles are more likely to catch on fire than other materials like asphalt.

These shingles are also an excellent choice for property owners who strive to be environmentally friendly. In addition to being made of natural materials, which are less demanding on the environment to make, they can also reduce the amount of energy required to heat or cool the building. This energy efficiency can also help offset the higher costs associated with their initial installation.

Finally, the look of wood shakes and shingles is unique among roofing materials. Many property owners who choose wood shingles do so primarily for the stunning aesthetic they add to their property.

If you find the eco-friendly and durable nature of wood shingles attractive, consult a roofing professional. They can provide additional information, including cost estimates, and answer any questions you may have about choosing this beautiful roofing material for your new project or roof replacement.

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