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A lot of homeowners don't consider the amount of roof damage that can occur due to the wind. It's not merely shingles you have to worry about as strong wind gusts have the capacity to tear into more than just the surface of your roof. Identifying these problems sooner rather than later can save money and time. Northern Kentucky roofers can help you find these trouble areas before they become structural hazards.

Loose shingles are some of the easiest issues to spot before and after violent wind storms. It's imperative that these be replaced or repaired as soon as possible. Once a shingle has been loosened, it can easily be torn free. This could result in a section of the underlayment being exposed to the elements. When your roof's underlayment is exposed, moisture and wildlife could gain access to your attic.

If flashing has worked its way free over the years, it can become a tool for the wind to cause considerable damage. In many instances, this object is made out of thin metal and is installed to help create a sturdy water seal. Unfortunately, this feature is what can cause the most damage. If part of the flashing is capable of moving about in the wind, it could act like a weapon pummeling the surface of the roof.

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It's also capable of being torn free, which could result in removing much of the roofing material with it. In this instance, the integrity of the roof becomes compromised, which could allow water to seep into the structure.

Gutters attached to the fascia could also be a cause for concern after a wind storm. Eventually, the gutter system can be ripped free from the house. This could crack or otherwise destroy the fascia. This means that the bottom row of tiles or shingles may no longer have support and the lower edge of the rafters could be compromised. If your gutter system has been worked free, even just a little, it could result in further damage to the fascia with each passing storm front.

Vents offer a way to keep the air flowing while reducing the onset of molds in the attic. However, they can also be an access point for moisture if they are damaged during a storm. It's always a good idea to make sure your vents are sound and free of debris. While a compromised vent could let rain water in, a blocked portal could cause the attic's humidity level to rise.

Over the years, your roof is subjected to a variety of weather conditions. It's this continued exposure to the elements that will eventually break down materials. Make sure that a slight gust of wind isn't going to cost you thousands of dollars down the road. The roof is the forefront of your home's protection, and it should be continually maintained.

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