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Homeowners who want to increase the value of their home and maintain it over time understand that plenty of work is involved in caring for their property. Unfortunately, the roof is an often neglected structure that isn't properly cared for throughout the seasons. To increase the lifespan of one's roof and avoid problems from developing, it's a good idea to turn to Northern Kentucky roofers for routine inspections.

Routine inspections are necessary to maintain the quality of the roof over the years and should be scheduled every six months. Inspections can help identify any areas that may need to be repaired. The professional will inspect the roofing materials and determine if the tiles or shingles are loose or have fallen off of the building. The roof should also be inspected after a severe storm has occurred because high winds and heavy snow or rain can make the home vulnerable to leaks.

A roofing inspection is also necessary before the winter season to ensure that the building is winterized. During the inspection, a roofer will perform a number of tasks, including removing debris from rain gutters, securing loose tiles or shingles and installing new flashing on vents or chimneys. He or she may also install fans or vents in the attic to promote proper air flow, which can prevent ice dams from forming in cold weather.

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The roof should also be examined if frequent leaks continue to develop throughout the year. Although it's important to repair the leaks, the roof may need to be replaced if the leaks continue to develop every few months. Most homes need to have their roof replaced after 30 years.

Pooling water that develops on the top of the building is another roofing problem that requires an inspection. This problem can be due to clogged rain gutters or even sagging that has developed. Although a roofing professional may be able to repair just the sagging portion of the roof, the entire structure may need to be replaced to prevent a total cave-in.

Although some homeowners may consider a roof inspection to be an unnecessary expense, the small investment can save money in the long run by helping avoid expensive repairs later on. The average cost of a roof inspection is $200, which includes an attic-view roof check and an interior inspection of the home. By catching minor problems before they become major issues, roof inspections can increase the structure's longevity and help ensure it does not fail prematurely.

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