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Although tile roofs are not the most popular roofing, they have a number of benefits. Among the biggest benefits are that tiles roofs do not require much maintenance, and they can last for many decades. However, these benefits can be problematic because homeowners may not be aware of their roof's condition and fail to notice when it's time for repairs or a replacement. When a tile roof is regularly inspected by expert Northern Kentucky roofers, homeowners are more likely to remain aware of the condition of their roof and know when it needs an update.

A major sign indicating that a tile roof is failing is an abundance of roof debris. If pieces of tile are found around the base of your home, chances are portions of your roof are missing their most protective layer. Without the tile, moisture has easy access to the attic. Water damage can lead to quick decay and result in the need to not only replace the tiles but the entire roof structure. This can be an extremely expensive project that can be avoided simply by contacting a trusted roofer at the first sign of a problem.

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Ultimately, the home will need a replacement roof if enough tiles are missing.

In many cases, the underlayment, flashing and battens will need to be replaced before the tile does. This can be tricky because the tiles cover up these components. During the annual roof inspection, roofers will check the underlayment to ensure that it is still in good condition. If the underlayment is cracked or curling, they may recommend pulling the tiles up and putting down new underlayment. The existing tiles can then be reinstalled, saving money overall and potentially extending the life of the tiles. This also generally goes for other underlying components.

Finally, water staining under the roof eaves or in the attic is a major indication that the roof is no longer doing its job. If water staining is visible, there are leaks somewhere in the tiles. If the leaks cannot be found or if the tiles appear to be broken, it is time to get a replacement.

Replacing a tile roof can be a major expense. However, the homeowner ultimately saves more in the long run by not having to deal with damaged structural components later on. If they believe they may need a roof replacement, they should contact their professional roofer to get their roof inspected.

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