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Regular, thorough gutter cleaning is essential to maintaining a building's roof. Gutters move water away from the structure, and if they become clogged, water can build up both on the roof and around the home's foundation. This damage can lead to significant repair costs, but it's entirely preventable with regular cleaning. Professional Northern Kentucky roofers offer these tips about proper gutter cleaning.

Gutters need to be cleaned whenever the buildup of debris in them obstructs the flow of water to downspouts and away from the building. Depending on the building's location, that may mean they need to be cleaned out more or less often. For example, gutters on a home located in a wooded area are prone to being filled with leaves and twigs, especially in the fall. In urban areas, gutter debris tends to accumulate more slowly, which means that gutters can be cleaned less frequently.

Seasonal weather can also be a factor in determining when gutters need to be cleaned. Windy conditions in spring and summer, especially storms, are notorious for dropping debris into open gutters. In areas farther north, snow and freezing rain can exacerbate drainage problems caused by clogged gutters, so it's important to make sure that your gutters are cleared out before cold weather hits.

The earlier you prepare for these seasons, the easier it will be to clean your gutters.

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For example, early in the fall, dead leaves that have fallen haven't had time to absorb water or start to decay, which will make them easier to remove. The same goes for cleaning in the early spring before storm season starts. Making sure your gutters are clear before the heavy rain starts helps to prevent damage to the gutter system.

In addition to weather concerns, there's another important reason to clean your gutters as soon as debris begins to accumulate. Critters, especially insects, will find clogged gutters an attractive place to live. Once they've established colonies or nests, it can be difficult to eliminate them completely, and they may also migrate into the warmer and drier areas inside your home if they can find a path. Waiting until late summer to clean out gutters can also be an unpleasant chore.

Experts recommend gutter cleaning twice a year: in the spring and again in the fall for most buildings. However, depending on the home's location and its gutter system, the needs of a specific building may change. Some gutter systems only need to be cleaned once a year, and others function better when cleaned quarterly.

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