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Trees are often a selling point for anyone looking to buy a home. They provide shade, can make it easier to achieve optimum levels of backyard privacy and are simply visually appealing. However, trees can also wreak havoc on a roof if they are not properly maintained over time. Northern Kentucky roofers can help homeowners learn ways to prevent damage from trees and provide repairs if damage does occur.

The first issue that homeowners should be aware of if trees grow close to the roof is the fact that portions of the roof could be bombarded by debris. Acorns, leaves and other organic material could fall off of the tree and clog the gutters or even lead to the development of algae and moss.

If the gutters are clogged, water cannot flow properly off of and away from the home. Instead, it pools on the roof and can make its way under the roof covering. In colder weather, this pooled water can freeze and lead to the development of ice dams, which could result in damage to the shingles, wood deck and other underlying materials installed on the structure.

The roofers from AnyWeather Roofing of Northern Kentucky would be happy to answer any question you have about siding replacement or roof repair.

Over time, it is possible that a tree could become weak, diseased or even die. It may cause large branches or even the entire tree itself to topple over during a storm or period of sustained winds. Should the tree or a branch fall off and hit the roof, it could leave a large piece of it exposed to the elements. Once this happens, it's only a matter of time before the home's interior is affected.

How can a roofer help? Roofers may be able to suggest methods for maintaining the trees on your property. A roofer may also be able to install gutter guards to protect the gutters from any debris that could lead to leaks and other issues later on. While gutter guards may need to be cleaned out once a year or once every two years, it is better than having to clean them out once a month or several times each year.

Finally, a roofer will be able to help repair any damage that has occurred to the roof because of a fallen branch or tree. In the event that extreme damage has occurred, local roofing companies will often start working right away to ensure that the homeowner has a proper roof on their home in days rather than weeks.

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