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Standing water on a roof is any water that remains after more than 48 hours have passed. It is frequently caused by either excessive amounts of rain, overflowing gutters or debris on a roof that prevent the flow of water. Even a small amount of standing water can potentially do an enormous amount of damage to a roof, so it is important that it is removed as soon as possible and that its cause is found and resolved by Northern Kentucky roofers.

Standing water tends to create a vicious cycle that leads to roof sagging. This is because the weight of it will frequently cause the roof to sag. As a result, this creates a larger area for water to pool into. More water continues to pool, which causes more sagging.

Water is very heavy; even an apparently small amount can add an enormous burden to a roof. Just an inch of standing water over a square foot of roof weighs five pounds. If a roof has an inch of water over an area of 10 feet by 10 feet, the roof has to bear an additional 1,000 pounds.

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When the amount of weight added to a roof by standing water goes over a roof's bearing capacity, it can cause the roof to collapse.

Aside from weight bearing issues, standing water can also cause leaks to develop in a roof. When water leaks in through a roof, it can soak a variety of structures in a home, including walls and rafters. Water damage can require these to need replacement, which is often very costly. Mold can also develop as a result of leaks, another potentially expensive issue.

Most roofs have tiny imperfections the size of pinholes throughout them. This is normally not an issue since asphalt tiles are hydrophobic and roofs are generally slanted to ensure that water runs down them. However, when water is sitting on a roof, it has time to start working its way into these imperfections. Once it does, leaks form. Depending on the area that water is spread over, this may also mean that there may be a number of areas where water is getting into a home.

If someone discovers standing water on their roof, it is important to get it off as soon as possible to help reduce the amount of damage. This may be accomplished with a solar powered water pump, but it is only a temporary solution in most cases, and a roofing company will probably need to do repairs.

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