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With rising energy costs and increasing environmental concerns, more homeowners than ever are searching for ways to reduce their utility bills and make their homes more environmentally friendly. One popular solution is energy-efficient cool roofing, which is available in a number of options. Cool roofs are an excellent way to reduce heating costs during the warmer months, but homeowners should evaluate all the pros and cons before deciding what's best for their home.

Though cool roofs come in several forms, they all operate on the same principles. As anyone who has ever spent time on a roof during the summer can attest, traditional roofing materials absorb and transmit a tremendous amount of heat from the sun. Cool roofs reduce this effect by increasing solar reflectance, or the amount of solar energy reflected by the roof, and thermal emittance, or the amount of absorbed energy that the roof is able to radiate away. Increasing these two properties reduces the amount of solar energy that the roof transmits to the home below and results in lower interior temperatures and less need for cooling.

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For homeowners who are building a new home or in need of a new roof, a specially built cool roof, when paired with proper insulation, can reduce cooling costs by up to 15 percent. Energy-efficient options are available for most roofing materials, including metal, tile and asphalt shingles. For existing homes, there are several cool-roof coatings that can increase reflectance and emittance without requiring a new roof or extensive modifications. Specialized heat-reflective coatings are available in a form that resembles thick, light-colored paint, and they can be easily applied to most existing roof materials.

Cool roofs offer several other benefits as well. Because they absorb less solar energy and experience less stress from extreme heat, they generally last longer and require less maintenance than traditional roofs. Some locations also offer rebates for homeowners to encourage investment in energy-efficient roofing materials, and these may make a cool roof a more affordable option. Additionally, because they reduce the need for cooling, energy-efficient roofs are a more environmentally friendly option than traditional roofs.

However, there are potential drawbacks that homeowners should consider before investing in a cool roof. While they can significantly reduce cooling costs during warm weather, they may slightly increase heating costs during the winter by reflecting sunlight that would otherwise warm the home. The degree of energy savings also varies depending on the specific climate as well as the size and slope of the roof. Finally, a cool roof may ultimately be less beneficial for homes that already have excellent insulation.

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