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Your roof is important to your home for many reasons, and the most important is because it protects your home from the outside elements. Thanks to advances in technology, your roof can be used for so much more. Due to most roofs being in the direct sunlight for the majority of the day, they are being seen as a great source of energy. Hiring Northern Kentucky roofers to install solar shingles can save you up to 60 percent on your monthly power bill.

Solar shingles are a lightweight green energy option for roofs, and they work well with the other layers of the roof such as the underlayment. They are made up of a thin film of photovoltaic cells, which allows the material to double as a roof shingle and a solar panel. Every shingle on your roof can have the ability to turn sunlight into electricity. If you generate enough energy, you can actually make money on the energy that your home puts back into the utility company's grid.

Few green technologies have as little impact on the environment as solar shingles because they don't require fuel and don't add to noise pollution. Best of all, this type of technology is infinitely renewable as long as the sun is shining. It's also a great way to take the primary enemy of your roof, sunlight, and turn it into something positive.

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Unlike solar panels, which are heavy and rather large, solar shingles are small and lightweight. This means that older homes won't need additional structural support to handle the added weight. Solar shingles are also less of an eyesore than having large solar panels installed on your home.

Solar panels have a reputation for being somewhat delicate, but solar shingles are surprisingly durable. This makes them a perfect option for a roof covering because they stand up fairly well to impact damage. However, it's still recommended that you avoid walking on solar shingles as much as possible to avoid cracking them. Of course, this rule of thumb is true for nearly any roofing material. This material is also as flexible as asphalt shingles, which makes covering a roof quick and simple.

The cost to have solar panels installed on your house is fairly expensive because you have to have them mounted to the top of your roof. Due to the weight, this requires the use of specific machinery. Solar shingles are light, so the cost to have them installed is relatively cheap. As with most roofing materials, the actual cost of the solar shingles differs greatly depending on the brand that you use.

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