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As a roof ages, a major problem like a collapse becomes more likely. However, a roof collapse is still a rare occurrence unless the roof is very old or has sustained major damage to its structural components. Because a roof collapse can be dangerous and even deadly, homeowners who believe that their roof might be showing the signs of an imminent collapse should contact qualified Northern Kentucky roofers as soon as possible.

One major indication that a roof could collapse is sagging. This may not be noticeable from the inside, but the exterior shingles may have a visible dip down toward the center. This is an indication that the sheathing, rafters or trusses are failing and there is likely nothing holding the shingles from falling inward. If the interior ceiling is bowing, it could be extremely dangerous to continue using the room.

Another indication of a roof collapse is major and continuous leaking. If there are multiple leaks, it is likely that there are multiple areas where the roof has become weak. As more water comes inside, the roof structure will continue to weaken.

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Eventually, saturated roofing components may not be able to hold up the weight of the roof, ultimately resulting in a collapse.

If the homeowner goes into the attic and sees ripples or deformities in the roof structure, emergency repair work or even replacements are required. The wooden structures can bow inward over time, especially if the homeowner puts a second roof over the first without ensuring that the components can handle the extra weight. In the worst case scenario, this could result in a collapse or other major structural damage.

While it may not be as alarming as other signs, having windows and doors that are difficult to open may actually be an indication that the roof is not in good shape. As the roof collapses inward, it may be putting enough stress on the door and window frames that it's difficult to open the doors and windows. If all of the doors and windows suddenly start sticking, this should be considered a cause for concern.

Because fixing damage caused by a roof collapse requires extensive work and expensive repairs, correcting problems caused by an aging or damaged roof should be a priority for all homeowners. A trusted roofer should be able to determine if a roof is at risk for collapse and find a solution that fixes the problem.

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