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A roof is designed to protect a home from the elements and from water damage, but many of the parts of a roof's structure are also vulnerable to damage. To help ensure that a roof lasts as long as possible with the least amount of repair costs, it is important that people ensure that their roof is properly ventilated and that shingles and weatherproofing are in good condition.

Many homes that are built today are designed to be airtight. This is because it can help the energy efficiency of a home, having enough air flowing through an attic is an important factor regarding energy usage. Proper air flow can help prevent cold or hot air from being trapped in an attic. When an attic is extremely hot or extremely cold, it can require an HVAC system to run longer to keep a home at a comfortable temperature.

Extreme temperatures are not good for a roof. When it is very hot in an attic, it can cause roof shingles to warp, which may reduce their ability to keep out water, possibly requiring replacement by Northern Kentucky roofers.

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Further, hot air tends to be humid, and moist air trapped in an attic can lead to mold and water damage.

During the winter, if air is not able to flow through an attic, it can allow ice dams to form. Ice dams can often be prevented by air flowing through an attic because of the convection of moving air.

Vented soffits and vented gables can give air a place to enter and leave an attic. By using baffles, which are boards that can be used to create a path for air to move through an attic, energy efficiency can be maintained while still providing necessary air flow.

Another common roofing problem is when shingles or weatherproofing are not in good shape. Shingles can be ripped off a roof or damaged during a storm, and when they are not replaced, water may soak into exposed areas of the roof.

Weatherproofing, also called flashing, is normally placed in areas where a roof is not completely protected by shingles, such as where the two halves of a roof connect or around a chimney. If weatherproofing isn't installed properly or is damaged, water can seep into a roof. Water damage to a roof's structure can be very expensive to fix, so regular inspections are an important part of avoiding costly repairs.

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