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When a roof is being installed on a newly constructed house or to replace an existing roofing system, homeowners can select optional coating materials. These coats can be a part of the shingles, panels or tiles, or they may be applied as a separate product. Local Northern Kentucky roofers can help property owners choose a coating material that offers advantages such as increased energy efficiency, longer lifespan of the rooftop or a greater level of curb appeal.

Acrylic reflective embedment coatings are a popular choice for homeowners who want to make their houses more energy efficient. These coatings are produced as a spray-on product that can be applied at any time, although it is easiest to do when the roof is being installed. These long-lasting coatings reflect at least 68 percent of the sun's energy after three years of use, which is higher than the current U.S. Department of Energy's minimum age and reflectance standards for the Energy Star program. The coatings reduce thermal emittance, extend the lifespan of the roofing material and make the roof stronger against damage from wind and rain. The most popular color of coating is white, but more than 15 different shades are available.

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Many manufacturers will create a customized tint for interested homeowners.

Another helpful type of roof coating is a synthetic liquid rubber material that is applied only onto metal roofs. This material becomes a solid membrane after it cures. The cured membrane acts as a waterproofing agent to help a metal roof last longer. The finished membrane is monolithic and protects the panels of the rooftop from corrosion, rust and ultraviolet damage from the sun. The membrane also increases the roof's impact resistance to harsh weather conditions such as hailstorms. These membranes are lightweight and only add 1 pound of weight per 5 square feet of roof surface area.

Silicone coatings are also gaining in popularity among homeowners who want to strengthen or restore a roof without the cost of putting on a new roofing system. The coatings made of silicone are inorganic and provide a seamless finish to the roof. Applied as a liquid, the material cures as moisture evaporates. The finished membrane is a solid white color, which delivers a greater than 90 percent reflectivity of the sun's heat and light energy. Homes with this type of a coating on the rooftop will be cooler during the summertime because only a minimal amount of the sun's heat will be able to penetrate through the roof and into the attic.

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