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Autumn leaves are a colorful sight to look at, but when homeowners focus on cleaning their yard and ignore leaves that have fallen onto the roof, those leaves can cause serious damage. Leaves trap moisture underneath them where it comes into direct contact with the roof.

If left that way for an extended period of time, the trapped moisture can encourage the shingles to mold or rot. Rotting shingles threaten the livelihood of the roof because it can cause the deck boards underneath the shingles to rot and deteriorate as well. In turn, this disintegration lowers the roof's integrity and strength.

Depending on where the leaves are located, the home's beams and other significant structures, such as roof valleys, chimneys, dormers and gutters, can be affected as well. This becomes even more problematic if tree branches or falling debris weigh the leaves down. Damage from falling tree limbs could easily be missed, and the limbs can block the adequate flow of water into the gutters.

Hiring Northern Kentucky roofers to check out the situation and repair any damage involved can correct minor punctures and structural defects before the problem grows worse.

The roofers from AnyWeather Roofing of Northern Kentucky would be happy to answer any question you have about gutters or attic insulation.

Professional contractors can easily clear off the leaves that have fallen onto low-sloping areas or become tightly wedged into valleys and seams. Contractors can also clear out the gutters before the wet, acidic leaves can stain or cause the gutter and roof to deteriorate.

Mold or fungus is also an easy fix for professional roofing experts since they are properly trained to clean a variety of materials and can do a full roof inspection at the same time. If there is more going on than damp, organic debris, the roof inspection can catch those additional problems, helping homeowners to avoid costlier repairs later on.

If the roof receives an abundance of shade, other problems may occur. These conditions promote moss growth and algae formation, organisms which thrive in shady areas where sunlight is scarce. Fallen leaves only compound the problem because the additional moisture trapped after a rain can't dry out quickly enough. Dirt deposits allow microorganisms to grow after a rain.

Algae is also slippery, which poses a danger for homeowners who are not trained to walk on a slick roof. For that reason, it's always best to hire a professional to clean and inspect the roof. They have the expertise to determine if the fallen leaves have caused damage to the roofing materials and can make the appropriate repairs.

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