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Proper care of your roof can help save against future expenses in repairs and replacements. Like any other part of the house, this surface needs to be maintained if you want it to last over time. Although there are circumstances that will damage even a new roof, taking steps today can prolong its lifespan. If you're ever in any doubt, you should seek the guidance of Northern Kentucky roofers to help determine your care and maintenance needs.

Trees and their branches are among the most common causes of roof damage. Nearby trees can spread their reach across and above the surface to offer shade. Unfortunately, they can begin to pound into the shingles during a windstorm. Depending on the weight of the branch itself, it could strike the roofing materials with a force similar to that of a hammer. These repeated blows could easily compromise the weatherproofing of the roof. In severe situations, these branches have been known to come crashing through the surface and into the home. To prevent this from happening, many will cut and trim back the branches above the house.

Keeping the gutters clean can be instrumental in reducing damage to the fascia and lower edges of the roof.

The roofers from AnyWeather Roofing of Northern Kentucky would be happy to answer any question you have about siding replacement or attic insulation.

As water collects into a clogged gutter, it has the potential to soak these components and cause them to degrade. During the colder months, it can then turn to ice and literally separate the wood and shingles from the house. Keeping the gutters clear of debris prevents this from happening.

Keep a close eye on the drip edge of your roof. This material is often made of plastic or metal and feeds water from the surface to the gutter. If the drip edge is unattached, bent or otherwise broken, water could seep into the fascia or travel along the soffits. This could lead to all kinds of water damage both inside and outside of the house.

During the winter, many people damage their roofs while shoveling snow off of the surface. You should never chip away at the ice on a roof with a shovel because doing so can cause severe damage to the shingles and underlayment. Instead, use a snow rake to pull small portions of snow off of the roof a little bit at a time. These devices reduce damage to the shingles and other roof-bound components.

The external surfaces of the home are vital to protecting the structure from the ravages of nature. They need to be maintained just like any other part of the home. Consider proper roof maintenance as a method for protecting the investment of your property.

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