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Relatively durable and affordable, asphalt shingles are a very common material used for roofing in the United States. Because of their widespread use, they create a large amount of waste in the landfill. However, asphalt shingles can potentially be recycled if they are torn off correctly. Although there are many benefits to recycling asphalt shingles, it can be difficult to actually find recycling facilities that will accept them. Northern Kentucky roofers may be able to assist with finding a company that will recycle your shingles once they've been removed from your home.

Recycling old or damaged shingles saves valuable resources by preventing them from going to the landfill. Most of the recycled shingles end up being used in new pavement or aggregate material. In fact, recycled shingles can actually improve the quality of new roads while saving both resources and money. If the shingles are still in good condition, they may even be donated to other families who need them.

The manner in which the shingles should be prepped depends completely on the requirements set forth by the recycling facility. For example, some facilities can deal with asphalt shingles that still have other materials attached to them, including roofing nails, pieces of underlayment and sheathing. Other facilities may not be set up to handle all of the other material that may come with the old shingles, however. If homeowners are unsure about what they need to do, they can contact their local recycling facility or a roofer.

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If homeowners are interested in using the old shingles themselves, they may be surprised to learn that there are plenty of uses for them around the house. They can be used to create a pathway around the garden or through the backyard as a deterrent against weeds or even to patch up the driveway. Local communities may also accept donations for their own projects. If this is the route the homeowners wish to take, they should discuss their goals with their roofer so that he or she does not throw the shingles out with the rest of the roofing waste.

Although shingles can serve many purposes after they've been removed from the roof, there are some cases where they may not be reusable at all. For example, shingles that have asbestos in them may need to be professionally removed and disposed of in a facility that is able to handle these types of materials. A professional should be able to determine if your roofing has been exposed to asbestos or other harmful products.

By choosing to recycle their asphalt shingles, homeowners can reduce roofing waste that would otherwise end up in a landfill. In some cases, the old shingles can even be used for improvements to the local community.

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