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Roofing is as old as domestic housing itself. Over time, roofing materials changed and adapted as advancements were made in the industry and technology as a whole. Most homeowners are aware of shingles and bitumen coverings, but modern roofing is more than the traditional asphalt shingles of old. Today, metal shingles are making waves in the roofing industry. Northern Kentucky roofers understand how to install these new roofs and aid their customers with relevant installation and maintenance information.

So, what is it that sets metal roofing apart from the other materials available on the market? There are three qualities to metal roofing that make it an appealing option: durability, energy efficiency and variety in colors and patterns.

While a traditional roof may last anywhere between 15 and 20 years, metal has proven itself to last at least three times that length. This means that the roof may outlast the time a given homeowner will live inside the home. Metal also withstands more damage from the external forces of nature, including rain, snow, and heavy winds. This means that the roof is a much stronger investment.

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Instead of buying cheap materials that will wear out and corrode, a homeowner can choose to use metal on their roof and expect it to maintain their property for years with little to no maintenance.

Saving money on repairs and replacement shingles is only one aspect of the savings provided by metal roofing. Because metal is more energy efficient, homeowners can expect to save money on their utility bills as well. The surface acts as a reflector of the sun's rays, which in turn means less cooling is required to keep the entire home comfortable during the summer. During the winter, the metal will act as an insulation and help keep the house warmer by preventing heat from leaving through the roof. This results in a savings of up to 25 percent on annual energy costs.

For most homeowners, however, the real selling point is style. Metal roofs come in all sorts of colors to complement even the most fashionable of homes. One of the other major benefits that comes with using metal is related to the fact that it can be shaped to emulate other roofing materials. Although many people think that large metal panels are their only option, this is not the case. In fact, whether one wants a slate, shake, tile, shingle, or seamed roof, metal can meet their design requirements with ease.

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