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Northern Kentucky Roofers: Article About Pros and Cons Of Wood Roofing

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Homeowners who are considering a particular type of roofing material for their new roof should be aware of all of the associated pros and cons in order to make an educated decision. Weighing the benefits and the drawbacks can help a homeowner feel more confident in their selection. Considering that a roof should last for a minimum of 20 years, sometimes as many as 50 or 100 depending on the type of materials used, this decision is not one to be taken lightly. According to Northern Kentucky roofers, here is what homeowners need to know about wood roofing options.

Both wood shakes and wood shingles are created using western red cedar, cypress, southern pines or redwood trees. Wood shakes are created from split logs that have been reshaped for commercial use. Wood shakes are thicker and have a split surface that reveals a textured effect. Wood shakes provide a rustic and natural beauty. Wood shingles are cut by machine and have an even taper with uniform thickness. Wood shingles are available in different lengths known as perfection and royal lengths. Perfection shingles refer to 18-inch lengths while royal shingles refer to 24-inch lengths.

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Although wood is what is seen on the outside, a wood roof actually consists of several different parts. Wood shakes and wood shingles are applied over top of an underlayment that is placed on top of the roof deck.

Most shakes and shingles can be pressure treated with fire retardant and chemical preservatives in order to increase their fire resistance and prevent wood rot and decay that is common in some climates.

Over time, wood shakes and shingles will age into a grayish silver tone. Generally, wood roofing, especially cedar, will last at least 10 years more than other roofing materials like asphalt shingles. Wood is resistant to strong winds and is even known to withstand hurricanes, hailstorms, snowstorms and heavy rains as well as other severe storms.

Wood roofs are one of the most energy-efficient roofing materials and can provide a natural insulation of twice that of asphalt shingles. This helps homeowners decrease their heating and cooling costs in an eco-friendly way.

However, wood shakes and shingles can be more expensive to buy and install. Homeowners should also be aware that wood roofing materials will need regular maintenance in order to prevent the growth of moss, mold and mildew. Despite the maintenance requirements, over time, the longevity of wood roofing will give a higher return on investment.

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