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Northern Kentucky Roofers: Article About Preparing Your Roof For A Windstorm

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The roof is meant to serve as a home's armor to protect it from elements hailing from the sky. More often than not, however, these elements can take on dangerous forms such as high winds and heavy rain. From hurricanes to tornadoes, weather events can strike with little to no warning. Even still, there are steps homeowners can take to prepare themselves in the event that a powerful storm occurs.

A good first step is a basic inspection of both the roof and the surrounding areas. Take a look at the property overall and note any close or low-hanging branches. Any branches that overhang the roof can easily blow over in strong winds. Trimming them will cause less of a hassle in the event of a storm.

Onto the roof itself, further inspection requires examining the structure. Some of it can be done on the ground using binoculars. However, climbing up to the roof can reveal things binoculars cannot. If you are uncomfortable with climbing on the roof, contact a contractor such as one from Northern Kentucky Roofers to assist in the matter.

There are a few things to look out for that will indicate whether or not a roof will endure a heavy wind and rain storm. Loose or missing shingles are clear signs of future damage. These gaps can pave the way for even more shingles to come undone.

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A powerful wind can lift up torn roofing and simply blow it away. This, in turn, can cause your home to become highly susceptible to water infiltration.

When it comes to the roof deck, inspecting the nails should be high up on the list. When properly placed, they are used to secure the deck to the rafters. If the deck is not fastened correctly, the home loses a vital shield. A torn deck means the inside of your home is exposed to the outside elements. In worst-case scenarios, it can cause a roof to collapse completely.

If there are any problems that become noticeable after a thorough inspection, there are many steps to take to make certain your roof is ready for a storm. There are simple fixes, such as replacing missing or torn shingles. Another quick fix is replacing any missing nails or improperly hammered ones on either the shingles or the roof deck.

For some extra protection, you can look into applying construction adhesive on each side of the rafters where they connect to the roof deck. Also, you may want to speak to a contractor about installing a hurricane tie or clip to add additional structural support.

High winds from a storm like a hurricane can strike when you least expect it. A roof can only take so much damage. Even so, there are numerous ways to prepare yourself and your home for any impending windstorms. Such preparations will pay off in the long run.

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