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Although the winter season can be extremely damaging on residential roofs, the summer months are also harmful due to high temperatures and frequent sun exposure. Many roofs suffer from wear and deterioration if they're not prepped for the new season. To protect the roofing materials that are installed, there are different steps that you can take with the professional assistance of Northern Kentucky roofers.

Many roofs that suffer from damage during the summer are prone to getting curled shingles, which can become loose and fall off of the roof deck, allowing moisture to penetrate it. To keep the roof cool and protect the materials, it's important to maintain proper air circulation in the attic throughout the day. If the attic becomes too warm during heat waves, it will cause the tiles and shingles to become extremely hot. You can install vents and use fans in the attic to keep the space cool. The attic can also be inspected by a professional to identify any areas that allow cool air to escape and heat to enter the building. You can seal and caulk those areas to promote proper climate control inside of the building.

Homeowners can also consider painting the roof white, which will prevent the roof from attracting as much heat during the day.

AnyWeather Roofing, Northern Kentucky roofing contractors would be happy to answer any question you have about siding replacement or attic insulation.

Cool roof coatings are also available, including a silicone roof coating that reduces the amount of UV rays that are absorbed into the roof. The coating helps to reflect sunlight and can be applied on most types of roofing materials every few years.

To prepare for summer storms, hurricane straps can be applied to the frame of the home to secure the roof to the building. This will prevent blow-offs from occurring due to high winds and heavy rainfall. The roof will also need to be inspected for areas where leaks can develop. Check the flashing around chimneys and skylights to determine if moisture can leak through. The attic can also be inspected. You can examine the roof boards for water stains or mold that may indicate water damage.

Misting systems are also available to cool the roof when it reaches a certain temperature. After the automated system is installed, the roof's temperature is closely monitored and a light amount of water is sprayed on the surface to reduce the temperature. This helps to keep the interior of the building cooler and will also reduce your overall energy costs.

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