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Metal roofing systems are gaining in popularity because they offer long lifespans and durability and require very little maintenance. While the metal rooftops of yesteryear were rather plain and uninspiring, today's systems offer a high level of variety and aesthetic appeal. Experienced Northern Kentucky roofers can help homeowners choose from a monolithic metal roof or the more popular roofing panels. The four main types of panels include concealed fastener, AP panel, U panel and R panel. Each of these materials has its own advantages.

The concealed fastener style of metal roofing panel has a unique lock-joint system that conceals the roofing nails used to affix each panel to the decking. These roofs are made of commercial-grade steel and can have a specialty paint applied to them at the factory. More than 20 colors of concealed fastener roofing panels are made by various manufacturers. These roofs are fireproof and have an Underwriters Laboratories Class 4 rating for hail. This type of a metal roof panel would benefit from the use of a moisture relief vent, especially if the roof has a pitch that is too shallow for gable vents to be installed.

AP panel metal roofs have the look of standing seam monolithic metal but without the added cost.

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With a typical lifespan of 60 to 75 years, they are highly durable and deliver exceptional value to the homeowner. These panels are designed for use on new construction or on an existing home that has had its roofing removed all the way down to the decking. They are wind-resistant to 140 miles per hour. There are fewer color and design options for these panels, however.

The U panel metal roofs are made of 26-gauge steel and can be installed right on top of a home's existing asphalt roof, which can help lower labor costs and reduce installation time. This style of panel has minimal maintenance needs. The material is fire resistant and has an Underwriters Laboratories Class 4 rating for hail impacts. These panels are only available in a few basic colors. The U panels require a minimal amount of maintenance and last around 50 years. The fasteners are visible on this roofing style.

R-panel metal roofs are a good choice for retrofitting over an old asphalt roof. This helps lower project costs and reduces waste disposal to the landfill. These roofs are energy efficient and resist winds up to 140 miles per hour.

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