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Northern Kentucky Roofers: Article About Integrating The Chimney Into The Home

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Older homes in Northern Kentucky will often have at least one chimney and fireplace. They were extremely commonplace from the early days of the settlers up until gas and electrical heat began to replace them, but the close proximity to the forest that most Kentuckians enjoy means that even new homes are still being built with fireplaces. As a result, Northern Kentucky roofers must utilize special techniques with fireplaces and chimneys because their particular properties can make them massive liabilities if they aren't installed correctly.

For starters, a chimney must be attached to the roof properly. Since most chimneys are made out of brick or stone, and in many cases, that stone is aged or built with idiosyncratic techniques, this can be a major task. The chimney is made of completely different materials than the roof, and the brick and stone will expand and contract out of synch with the asphalt, plastic and wood of the roof. As the roof experiences the freezing and thawing cycles of the Kentucky seasons, a gap will almost certainly form between the roof and chimney that's big enough for water to get through.

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This is prevented with small strips of metal known as flashing, which are molded into the cracks of the brick or placed flush with it and then integrated with the shingles on the other side. They may be covered with roofing tar or other impermeable membranes if necessary.

Once this has been completed, it's important for the homeowner and occupant to consider what they want from their chimney. If they have no plans to use the fireplace whatsoever, then it's best to seal the top up as completely as possible. Every single particle of air that escapes up the chimney represents pennies wasted on heating the sky.

However, the chimney has one massive advantage over anything else in a modern home. The stone of a chimney represents tremendous thermal mass, and when it's used properly, it can cut the heating bills substantially, leading to a much more comfortable, evenly heated home. This may be accomplished even if the fireplace isn't used for a fire. A gas heater or space heater can be placed near the chimney, essentially storing the heat in the stone and saving it for later, and builders' retrofits have discovered that a chimney makes an excellent conduit for an HVAC duct. Proper integration of the chimney with the roof preserves these cost savings, reduces energy use and protects the inside of the house from water damage.

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