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When major repairs are needed on a roof, a good homeowner's insurance policy and valid manufacturer's roof warranty can save thousands of dollars. It can be confusing, though, when it comes time to figure out which policy covers a particular roof problem.

Trusted and experienced Northern Kentucky roofers are good sources of information and assistance with these issues. In fact, many roofers have experts on staff to help homeowners navigate the often-confusing sea of insurance and warranty claims. Being aware of all the possibilities ahead of time can help provide homeowners valuable information even before the roof is damaged.

Warranties on roofs vary broadly. Homeowners will usually find the most comprehensive coverage from a factory roof warranty that covers both defects in materials and problems resulting from faulty installation. These types of policies are often only available when the roof itself is a top-tier product and is installed by a factory-approved roofer.

Likewise, homeowner's insurance policies come in many different coverage levels and parameters. In general, homeowners can count on these insurance policies when a weather event or natural hazard damages the roof. Homeowners can find this type of coverage in the policy's Coverage A section.

All-risk homeowner's insurance policies are usually more comprehensive than those with peril coverage.

The roofers from AnyWeather Roofing of Northern Kentucky would be happy to answer any question you have about gutters or siding replacement.

All-risk coverage handles all roof damage caused by natural events except ones that are specifically excluded. For example, if your all-risk policy doesn't exclude falling trees outright, your roof repair costs will be covered if a tree limb causes damage. Named perils coverage, on the other hand, addresses only issues specifically named in the policy. Since it's tough to foresee all the potential natural disasters that can happen to a roof, named peril policies often leave some gaps in coverage.

With factory roof warranties, the age and condition of the roof frequently affect compensation. Lifetime warranties provide the most extensive coverage, and limited lifetime warranties are nearly as comprehensive. Many manufacturer warranties are prorated, meaning that there's decreasing coverage on material defects over time.

In many cases, homeowners may find financial assistance from both the manufacturer's warranty and homeowner's insurance. For instance, if a storm blows shingles off a roof and a resulting leak damages furniture inside the home, both policies likely will kick in. On the other hand, if a tree falls on the roof and causes similar consequential damage inside the home, that situation is likely covered by homeowner's insurance.

Being aware of the restrictions of warranties and insurance policies helps homeowners make more informed choices. Advice from a trusted roofer can also help homeowners ensure that they're able to secure the coverage they need to protect their roofs and homes.

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