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The roof may be one of the strongest features on a building, but it can also suffer from a significant amount of damage and wear throughout the year. From high winds to insect infestations, the structure will need maintenance, and Northern Kentucky roofers are happy to help keep your roof in tip-top shape. To increase the lifespan of the structure, consider these vital steps.

One of the most important tasks that homeowners can do to protect their roof and increase its durability is to have the structure inspected by a professional every six months. This will ensure that repairs are made quickly and that future damage is avoided. The roof should be inspected after the summer and winter seasons when the most damage occurs due to extreme weather conditions.

The rain gutters should be cleaned out each month to remove the debris and leaves that have accumulated. Rain gutters that are clogged can easily become weighed down and be a breeding ground for insects and termites due to the moisture that accumulates. Clean rain gutters will help to promote proper water flow from the roof, which will reduce the risk of leaks.

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The roof's lifespan can also be increased by replacing missing shingles or tiles that have become loose. This will protect the underlayment and can reduce the risk of water damage by preventing holes or cracks from developing in the roof system.

Ice dams are another common threat to roofs due to their heavy weight and their ability to rip off shingles or tiles. Proper ventilation in the attic is crucial to preventing snow from freezing on the roof and for allowing it to melt at a steady rate. There should also be plenty of air circulating in the attic during the summer months to prevent shingles from blistering due to high temperatures. Blistering can cause the shingles to decay at a faster rate, which can lead to the roof needing to be replaced sooner rather than later. You can also check the attic ventilation to ensure that it's promoting proper climate control. There should be a minimum of at least 1 square foot of attic ventilation for every 300 square feet of attic.

The roof should also be prepped for storms that can occur during the winter season and might cause damage. Cut back tree branches, check for leaks and reinstall fasteners that may be loose on the roofing materials that are installed.

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