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Northern Kentucky Roofers: Article About Importance Of Attic Wind

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Most homeowners know that having proper roof ventilation is important for preventing heat buildup. However, the attic space can have major problems if the ventilation system is inadequate or if there is no ventilation system at all. With ventilation, the roof ages much more quickly, and homeowners are often faced with more expensive and more frequent roof repairs. Homeowners who are finding that their roof continuously requires repairs should talk to their local Northern Kentucky roofers to determine if a lack of attic wind is the problem.

Essentially, attic wind is the movement of air and heat between the living space, the attic and the outside environment. If the roof has the right amount of attic wind, the roof has the ability to moderate the temperature in the attic.

For example, heat and moisture often become trapped in the attic space during the summer. This is because the hot air often has no way to escape. If the air has a way to get out through a ridge vent or other exit points, the air can continuously move through the attic without heating up too quickly. This also allows cooler air to move through at night. During the winter, the ventilation system prevents hot air from becoming trapped in the attic, causing potential ice dams to form during freak snowstorms.

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The wind that is created by the ventilation system also has another job. By constantly preventing humidity from building up in a space that can quickly become damp and warm, mold and mildew are prevented from growing. Not only can mold and mildew release harmful spores into the air, but they also weaken structural supports and roofing materials. If the humidity problem and lack of ventilation are not fixed, the homeowners may find themselves installing a new roof much sooner than they had expected.

Installing a new ventilation system is not necessarily an easy fix. In many cases, new vents need to be installed. This often means putting holes in the eaves for soffit vents. Roofers must ensure that the air can properly flow through the roof. If adding a new ventilation system is simply not feasible for a particular home, adding insulation may be another option.

The roof's ventilation system is one of the most important components when it comes to extending its potential lifespan. Homeowners who see mold and mildew or who have an attic that becomes unbearably hot should talk to their expert roofers about potential solutions.

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