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One of the most underestimated threats to the longevity of a home's roof is hail. A lot of homeowners don't consider just how much damage these micro-pieces of ice can cause to the surface of their roof. Depending on the storm itself, even new shingles can be rendered ineffective after these pellets of frozen water slam into the home. For this reason, homeowners should have qualified Northern Kentucky roofers inspect their roof after a hail storm or other severe weather event.

One of the most obvious ways to identify hail damage is by examining the overall appearance of the roof's surface. Severe storms are capable of chipping away at many kinds of roofing relatively quick. It's the discoloration of the shingles that may signify you have a problem. Lighter storms may make the surface look peppered because small pieces of the shingles have been chipped. A hail-damaged roof may also have a weathered and older appearance even if the roofing material is a new.

Closer examination of the roof can help you see if there are small holes punched through the surface. Even a tiny hole is capable of compromising the underlayment and could eventually lead to wood rot or even mold growth.

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As hail beats against the roof, it can widen these holes and allow more moisture to seep into the structure. Everything from the ridge to the fascia can suffer this damage. Over time, you could wind up paying for more major repairs or replacements if the water damage spreads to other areas of the home.

Damage from hail storms can also be identified from within the attic. By looking up at the rafters during or immediately after a storm, you may see areas of wood that are discolored from water. These areas will be a darker color than the rest of the wood. It's also possible that water could be seeping in from the underlayment and creating visible drips or even puddles in the attic.

While you're inspecting the roof from within the attic, you may want to keep your eye out for warped wood. Warped wood is a sign of water damage that needs to be addressed before it causes additional issues. After the water leak is fixed, the warped wood will likely need to be replaced to ensure the integrity of the roof structure.

Of all the environmental factors that your home is subjected to, a hail storm can be one of the most damaging. Keep your eye on the condition of your roof after each one in order to catch problems as they develop. It could be instrumental in preventing more severe complications and expensive repairs.

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