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Northern Kentucky Roofers: Article About Ice Dams and Roof Damage

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Northern Kentucky offers area residents four very beautiful and distinct seasons. From warm summer days to cool winters, Kentucky has it all. Of course, this also means that winters bring ice and snow. For those who enjoy outdoor sports, winter can be a wonderful time of year; however, for area homeowners, it can also mean potential problems with their roof.

A common problem during winter months is the formation of ice dams on a roof. These ice dams or ridges of ice form along gutters, in roof valleys and on the roof's bottom edges. They might seem harmless enough, but the buildup of ice can lead to serious roofing problems and extensive water damage. In fact, Northern Kentucky roofers often receive calls from area residents who have experienced water damage that is directly related to these ice dams.

The main cause of ice dams on a roof is a roof that gets too warm during the winter months. After a snowfall, the accumulated snow on a roof can start to melt if the structure is not kept cool enough. There are a couple of issues that tend to create a warm roof. The first is lack of sufficient insulation.

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If the roof or attic space is not adequately insulated, warm air from inside the home can make the underside of the roof warm. The other problem is insufficient ventilation that allows warm air to rise to the underside of the roof. In either case, as the roof deck heats up from the underside, it begins to melt the snow sitting on top of the roof.

As the snow melts from the underside, it needs to be able to drain off the roof. However, because some areas of the structure remain cold, the melted water refreezes once it makes it way to the roof's edges and valleys. Of course, this process continues and a ridge of ice is formed. Eventually, draining water will start to back up behind the ice ridge and can find its way under shingles. Once it has infiltrated the roof covering, the water can seep into the roof deck and eventually the attic.

As water backs up into the home, it can cause extensive damage to walls, floors and even furniture and personal items. Of course, the roof deck is also getting wet and continuing to deteriorate. It's crucial that area homeowners understand the importance of having a well-insulated roof. Experienced roofing contractors will be able to make sure a roof has sufficient insulation as well as adequate ventilation in order to minimize the risk that ice dams will form come winter.

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