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The roof is one of the most important structures on a residential property because it protects the home's interior from environmental elements. The durability and condition of the roof determine the quality of the home and how often repairs are needed. To maintain your roof and protect your property, there are a few important steps to take with the help of Northern Kentucky roofers.

It's important to inspect the flashing on the chimney and vents that are installed on the roof to ensure that the home is sealed from moisture. This will prevent leaks from developing, which can lead to mold or fungus. If left untreated, these types of growths can affect the health of the home's residents.

The roof should also be prepped for the winter season to ensure that it doesn't suffer from damage or excess wear when harsh weather occurs. Before winter arrives, it's a good idea to clean out rain gutters to promote proper water flow on the structure and replace any missing or loose roofing materials. If necessary, roofing cement can be used to secure the loose roofing materials to the roof deck.

Moss and mold should also be removed by spraying a cleaner on the affected areas throughout the year. The solution should sit on the mold for several minutes before it is washed away with a wide handheld brush or a soft-bristled broom.

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Homeowners should make sure that there is adequate ventilation in the attic to help maintain the proper temperature on the roof. Vents or fans may need to be installed to ensure proper airflow and prevent shingles from curling in the heat of the sun. Proper ventilation will also prevent ice dams from forming in the winter season.

In addition to items on the roof, structures on the ground next to the home may need to be inspected to prevent damage to the roof. Wood piles should be moved away from one's home because they can invite termites that can make their way into the roof structure. Nearby trees should also be trimmed to prevent insects and other critters from accessing the roof. Damage to the fascia on the roof's edge can also act as an access point for various animals, so it should be inspected regularly for holes and rotting.

The roof can even be maintained from inside of the house by inspecting the attic for areas where moisture is present. Homeowners also need to look for areas contaminated by black mold, which will need to be removed immediately by a professional.

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