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By knowing how to properly care for and inspect their roof, homeowners can avoid unnecessary damage and repairs. While it's important to keep an eye out for potential problems, homeowners are advised not to walk on their roofs or attempt to perform repairs unless they have experience doing so. Instead, they should turn to qualified Northern Kentucky roofers who understand how to properly maintain, repair and traverse a roof without causing more damage.

Simply walking on a sloped roof could cause damage to shingles. Traversing the roof can wear granules off of asphalt shingles and easily break wood or clay tiles. Beyond damaging the roof surface, homeowners walking on their roof put themselves at risk for variety of injuries they could incur if they slip and fall off of a structure that is often 30 feet or more from the ground.

In addition to climbing on the roof, it is never a good idea to lift a shingle to check for a leak. This is true for all shingles, including asphalt, cedar and organic shingles. Instead, it is better to check for water damage by looking for damaged fascia, water streaks or signs of a leak in the attic.

The reason why shingles should not be lifted is that it could further remove granules, and it may also be harder to put the shingle back down exactly where it was originally installed.

The roofers from AnyWeather Roofing of Northern Kentucky would be happy to answer any question you have about siding replacement or gutters.

Even a tiny gap or a small area of a roof deck left exposed could be large enough to allow water into the roof deck and other interior structures. These openings could also be large enough to enable pests, rodents or other small animals to get in to the attic.

If a homeowner notices any green or black substances growing on shingles, it is time to schedule an inspection. The substance could be anything from algae to mold that will continue to grow and spread if left unchecked. Although these growths will likely need to be removed, homeowners should not attempt to clean the shingles with bleach or a pressure washer. Doing so could potentially weaken the shingles and make it more likely that they will need to be replaced.

However, it is important that shingles are cleaned to remove mold and algae as well as dirt and grime. A professional will have the proper equipment and chemicals to do the job gently and thoroughly. Ideally, they should be cleaned on a cool day to ensure that the solution doesn't dry before it can be washed off of the roof.

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