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Northern Kentucky Roofers: Article About How The Underlayment Condition Is Affected

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The underlayment is critical to many rooftop configurations because of the sheer protective benefits the system can provide. However, much like the surface materials used on the rooftop, the underlayment can become damaged in a corrosive environment. Weathering over time can take a toll on even the sturdiest materials, but there are numerous other factors that can affect the structural integrity of the underlayment. By planning ahead and knowing what to expect, customers can keep their rooftop safer for longer before they need to call in Northern Kentucky roofers to take a look at their underlayment.

The home's climate is one of the biggest factors in determining how the underlayment system holds up to regular use. Though weathering is inevitable, some environments can speed up the deterioration process, leading to more extensive damage to the underlayment and, by extension, the roof's deck. Hot and dry atmospheres may affect bituminous underlayment systems by accelerating the rate at which they lose volatiles, resulting in a weakened composition on a molecular level. This leads to the breakdown of the material and causes long-term damage to the underlayment.

In more humid climates, an older felt system can end up absorbing excess moisture. This results in the substrate expanding, causing extensive damage to the underlayment, as well as the shingles above.

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Wrinkling and cupping may quickly occur after, and it is not uncommon for the extensive moisture to result in damage to the deck itself. In colder climates, the underlayment may become much more brittle if it is not made with the right material in mind. This makes it more difficult to maintain as the underlayment can quickly become damaged as a result of impact and footsteps.

Existing damage to the underlayment may compound potential problems, especially if there are missing sections present throughout. In order to avoid such damage, homeowners should be sure to inspect their rooftops at least once every few months to see if there are bare spots. If a shingle has been blown off or damaged, it may open up points of weakness around the roof's surface. Left unattended, the bared underlayment system can tear and reveal the roof's deck, which can lead to structural damage.

In addition to performing the visual inspections themselves, it is strongly recommended for homeowners to also contact roofing specialists to check out hidden problems around the rooftop. Calling roofing experts at least once every year can help customers stay on top of their roof maintenance needs.

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