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Northern Kentucky Roofers: Article About How Professional Roofers Find Roof Leaks

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When homeowners find that their walls and ceiling are wet, they may not know exactly what to do. Most homeowners, however, understand that the roof is likely to blame, and repairs are probably needed to prevent damage to the rest of the house. While expert Northern Kentucky roofers are usually able to identify weak areas of the roof that may be the culprit, it is always helpful for homeowners to know how to spot roof leaks themselves so that they can get the repairs they need before extensive damage occurs.

While it may appear that the leak occurred near the wet ceiling or walls, this is often not the case. Leaks can occur almost anywhere. The water will often come in through a broken or missing shingle and then slide its way down the inside of the roof. It can flow down sheathing and roof rafters before it finds a way inside the living space. This means that experts often have to follow the trail of wet or damaged material to find the source of the leak.

It is easiest to look for the leaks during the day.

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This is because both the experts and the homeowners should be able to visibly see the wet and stained trail caused by the water. Usually, starting at where the water comes into the living space is easiest. If the sun is shining, looking for where the sunlight comes through the shingles can also help. However, it is important to note that even if sunlight is not coming through the shingles, there still could be a leak.

If this technique does not work and the source of the leak cannot be found, the next step is to take a hose on top of the roof. If the roof is steeply pitched, older or was not properly installed, this step can be very dangerous, so it may be a good idea to hire an expert for this task. One person should stay in the attic while the other person hoses the roof down slowly. Once the water appears in the attic, it can then be noted where the roof needs immediate repairs.

Homeowners who have a roof leak should be aware that roof leaks only get worse with time. If a leak is spotted, it is best to contact an expert roofer as soon as possible so that the leak can be fixed. Not only does this prevent any further damage from occurring, but it may also help extend the lifespan of the roof.

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