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Although gutters may seem like they are just a receptacle for leaves and debris that fall onto a house, they actually serve a very important purpose. Gutters are responsible for preventing water damage to a roof and a home's foundation. If they are not properly maintained, it can lead to costly and severe damage.

Gutters are normally installed at the edge of a home's roof, and they are slanted at a slight angle so that water in them runs to a downspout. The downspout runs vertically from the roof to about ground level. Water from the downspout is channeled away from the base of a home to keep it from soaking the foundation.

The two main issues that gutters may develop are clogs and leaks. Clogs can be very common because, along with water, most debris from a roof flows into the gutters. Additionally, if the home is surrounded by trees, leaves, twigs and pine needles may also collect in the gutter.

Gutters need to be cleaned at least twice a year, and Northern Kentucky roofers normally recommend that cleanings take place in the spring and the fall when the most debris will gather.

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However, gutters should be cleaned whenever a large amount of organic material has collected in them.

When clogs develop, water may not be able to run quickly through the gutters. This can result in gutters that overflow or sag because they are weighed down by both water and debris. If enough weight collects in the gutters, it may cause them to tear away from the roof.

Leaking gutters may also lead to water collecting on the roof. If water stays on the roof, it may work through the shingles and the underlayment and eventually create a leak. Additionally, enough water standing on the roof's surface can create a depression in the roof, which can make it even more likely that a leak will develop.

Another fairly common problem is a leaking gutter. Leaks can develop due to damage from being struck or having a ladder leaned against them, but leaks can also develop at gutter connection points.

Leaking gutters can result in water flowing down the side of a home's walls and collecting by the base of the home. This can lead to walls that are damaged and stained. Mold may also start to grow as a result of gutter leaks. If water sits around the house, it may start to seep into the foundation, which can cause cracks and other damage.

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