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In today's energy-conscious world, builders actively search for ways to combine beauty with efficiency. Strides have been made in the manufacture of materials that both reflect heat and protect interior rooms from the effects of the elements. Few roofing designs, however, exude the environmental friendliness of a planted green roof. With the advantages ranging from storm water drainage to additional living space, these creative innovations are growing in popularity and prestige. Northern Kentucky roofers can provide more information about the installation and upkeep of an authentic green roof.

The most basic vegetative roof is shallow with a limited ability to absorb water. Because the soil is typically only 3 or 4 inches deep, the best plants to use are succulents that need very little care, grasses, wildflowers and herbs. Sedums are common as well as houseleeks and asters because they can endure extreme temperatures and weather conditions. The green roof's infiltration level depends on its depth, so the deeper the soil, the better.

Sometimes, a lovely vegetative roof is hard to see from the street, but if it is positioned on a lower-level room where it can be viewed from the upper stories, its beauty does not go to waste. When complemented by greenery along the ledges and windowsills, a green roof adds a great deal of charm to a house or commercial building.

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A well-planned arrangement of colorful flowering plants draws the eye to the structure's most attractive features.

An avid garden enthusiast may try planting on a rooftop with a large slope. Although this venture is difficult, it can be accomplished with the right materials. A much less costly approach is to lay pre-vegetated mats on a somewhat flat rooftop. The substrate goes on first, and then the rooted plants go on top for a simple installation. This type of system requires very little maintenance and promises to flourish for a long time.

For accessibility, pavers can be added around the roof's perimeter while the plants remain in the center. Some property owners put patio furniture on top of the concrete to form a comfortable sitting area. Attractive borders can be built around the vegetative portion for a look of completion. Urban residents sometimes even grow vegetable and herb gardens on their rooftops if they have limited yard space. Although green roofs are generally placed on buildings that are overall energy efficient, every structure can benefit from a solid vegetative roof covering.

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