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The Ecoshel Shingle Smart System is a quick and easy way to install the traditional red cedar shakes to both roofing and house siding. Homeowners will appreciate that Ecoshel planks have a long lifespan and a lower cost of installation compared to other conventional materials. When consulting with Northern Kentucky Roofers, ask for a price comparison between the standard application and the Ecoshel system costs.

What is new to the application process is that it does not require the shingles to connect to a backer board. Instead, the Shingle Smart System lets the contractor match the registered numbers, allowing an offset of joints between the boards and ensuring correct spacing. When the roofer sets the mark, all of the other joints automatically fit into a 1 to 1-1/2 inch gap for the entire course of units. The connections between the planks offset from the next two sequenced links. The union formed creates a water barrier, making the surface waterproof.

Furthermore, during manufacturing, the red cedar shingles are refined and sanded into 48-inch planks and fastened together with clips used to reinforce the fiber mesh secured to the back.

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The back panel also includes three to five vertical thermoplastic stripes that the shingle rests against so that it does not touch the wall or the other boards. The gap that is created permits air to move around the home's envelope, enabling the façade to dry quickly. Although the Ecoshel Shingle Smart System lack long-term performance testing, experts agree that the spacing around the shake boosts the product's longevity and the life of the paint or finish, reducing the need of repairs and renovations.

The manufacturers have also created ventilation ridges on the back of the board and in between the thermoplastic stripes, which act as a rain screen. Rain screens are necessary when shingles affixed to the home's envelope become saturated. The deluge of moisture created penetrates the wall and promotes mildew inside the sheathing. Mold and mildew are hazardous as they will weaken the shake's lifespan and can cause illness to the homeowners. Ecoshel shingles eliminate the need for an additional rain screen.

Finally, for owners desiring a particular design, Ecoshel producers have built custom patterns right into the shingle. The prefabricated material continues the design across the boards while remaining in the register. However, traditional wood admirers will also find that manufacturers included mitered or corner boards and curved applications for unique aesthetics.

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