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Northern Kentucky Roofers: Article About Dealing With Cold Weather Roof Troubles

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Snow can be destructive for many homeowners. An accumulation of snow and ice will not only damage a roof, but it could also cause secondary damage to the home's interior. Northern Kentucky roofers would like to alert homeowners to some of the potential cold-weather hazards that could lead to costly repairs.

In many cases, a heavy layer of snow on the rooftop of older homes could cause structural damage. This may be because the home's framing was built below modern standards, or it may be because the trusses, rafters, or purlins were improperly spaced or not the right size. Additionally, the builder may have used improper or insufficient nailing or incorrect rafter bearing at the ridge or on the top plate. It may be wise for those who live in a very old home to inspect the roofing structure from the inside prior to the winter season.

Another danger facing homeowners is the possibility of serious injuries or death whenever an individual tries to climb the roof to remove accumulated snow without taking heed to certain safety procedures. Moreover, chopping roof ice could damage shingles, gutters, and downspouts, which can then cause water to seep into the home. In fact, simply walking on cold shingles can easily crack and break them.

While not too common, sewer gas can back up into the home and cause an explosion whenever snow blocks plumbing vents.

The roofers from AnyWeather Roofing of Northern Kentucky would be happy to answer any question you have about attic insulation or siding replacement.

Homeowners should try to make sure all their home's plumbing vents are clear during and after heavy snowfalls to avoid this dangerous scenario.

Similarly, damaged or improperly installed skylights can severely leak whenever they are covered with a deep layer of snow that is then followed by heavy rain. Homeowners who suspect their home's skylights are leaking might consider contacting a professional roofer to see if the skylights need to be sealed, flashed, or reinstalled.

Many homeowners also experience roof leaks whenever rising temperatures begin to melt the thick layer of snow on their roofs. This slow leaking of water tends to get under roof flashing, in worn areas of the roof, or in the smallest hole in a roof valley. These may be signs that the homeowner might need a new roof.

Ice dams can also lead to further troubles for the homeowner. Ice dams form whenever heat rises from roofs and melts the lower layer of snow. The melting snow then travels to the gutters where it hits the cold air and turns into ice. The weight of the ice can damage the gutters, the roofing material, and the interior of the home. Improving the home's insulation and ventilation properties, particularly in the attic, can help prevent ice dams.

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