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You may have heard about the energy savings and environmental benefits of cool roofing systems, but you should ask Northern Kentucky roofers if your area is sufficiently warm enough for the benefits to offset any added expenses.

In warm climates, summer heat and sunlight can raise the surface temperature of a dark or standard roof to 150 degrees or more. A cool roof reduces the surface temperature by at least 50 degrees. Your energy costs are reduced because you won't need to run the air conditioner as much. Outdoor areas of your living space also become more comfortable with a cool roof installed.

Cool roof coatings are very thick white paints or pigments that reflect sunlight. These coatings also offer protection from chemical damage and damage from ultraviolet light. Some can help restore a roof, and some also offer water protection. All of these features extend the life of your roof. These coatings can be added to a new or existing roof.

If you have a low sloping roof, your roofing material may be a polyurethane foam spray, a single-ply membrane or a built-up roof. Foam sprays rely on coatings for protection from moisture and UV light, so these roofs are likely already reflective.

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You can coat the black membranes of a single-ply membrane roof to make them reflective. If the surface layer of a built-up roof consists of a coating of dark, asphaltic emulsion, you can have a cool coating applied on top of the original surface layer. If the surface layer consists of dark gravel, substitute gray slag or reflective marble chips. If your roof consists of a sheet with a mineral surface, use reflective mineral granules. If you are ordering a new roof, have a cool coating applied at the factory when the roof is manufactured.

Concrete, slate or clay tiles can all be glazed to add a number of properties including enough solar reflectivity to allow them to function as cool roofs. Some tiles are naturally reflective enough to meet the necessary standards. If you are installing a roof of asphalt shingles, purchase cool asphalt shingles because while cool coatings exist for these shingles, they are not recommended or approved by the manufacturers. Other types of shingles can be coated in place on your roof or at the factory.

Metal roofs can be applied to either low- or steep-sloped roofs. These roofs naturally reflect sunlight, but they also absorb heat. You can either apply a cool reflective coating or paint the roof to reduce heat absorption and improve the reflective properties.

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