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When it's time to replace your current roof, take the time to consider using one of the newer materials available. There is a growing selection of alternative materials, and Northern Kentucky roofers can help you to review your options and make an informed decision.

Metal roofing is quite popular with property owners. These modern metal shingles come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Some shingles are covered in stone to give a unique appearance. Although a metal roof can cost much more than asphalt shingles in the first year, the cost is more than offset by the estimated 60-year lifespan. Most metal roofing is fabricated from aluminum.

Copper roofs fall into a different category than ordinary metal roofing. This material is very beautiful and quite costly, and it requires specialized installation methods. It may cost up to 15 times the price of asphalt roofing. The advantage is that it will hold up for the entire lifetime of the building and may even last several hundred years. It is an excellent choice for a home that will be passed down through the generations or for a civic building that will last longer than most private homes.

Concrete and clay tiles have been used as roofing materials for centuries. These come in nearly any shape and color.

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Like metal shingles, these materials are virtually fireproof. They make a wise choice for homes in forested or other areas that pose a greater risk of fire. These tiles are heavy, so they require a strong base. These tiles also need roofers experienced in installing tile or concrete.

Slate tile is another excellent choice if owners are looking for a durable material. Slate comes in black, gray, green, red and purple. Slate tiles are not only fire resistant but are ecologically sustainable and can even be recycled at the end of their life cycle. Slate works particularly well on European and Early American-style homes.

Roofing materials are now being fabricated from plastics, rubber and polymers. These shingles can resemble slate and wood shingles. They are easy to maintain and highly durable. Some of these materials are also fire resistant.

The newest technologies are used to build green roofs. These technologies may involve flat roofing and include specialized grasses and plants. Some roofs have gardens and areas for recreation and picnicking. This type of roof offers excellent insulation for the building below and reduces the amount of ambient heat generated in cities. In Paris, new buildings are required to be covered with either a green roof or solar panels.

Whatever a building's requirements, a professional roofer can help homeowners and business owners plan the longest-lasting and most economical roof.

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