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In the United States, a home's roof can be worth thousands of dollars. It provides aesthetic appeal as well as functional protection to the dwelling. According to Northern Kentucky roofers, it is important for homeowners to be aware of the most common roof problems. Having even a basic knowledge of these issues and their causes can help mitigate damages to the roof. Knowing about these common problems can save homeowners money and hassle in the long run.

No matter what type of roof you have or how big your home is, finding a leak means you have a problem on your hands. There are many different causes for leaks, including flashing details that weren't fastened properly when the roof was installed. In fact, flashing defects are the cause of 95 percent of leaks. Improper moisture barrier installation can also be a common cause of leaks from the roof. Brown or yellow ceiling staining is a common and easily noticeable symptom of leaks in the roof of a home. Any time you notice a leak, big or small, it is time to call a professional.

Debris on the roof can also cause problems with its integrity.

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Leaves, twigs and other debris on the top of the roof can cause premature breakdown and failure. In addition, roofs that receive constant brushing of tree limbs in one area can sustain damage to the shingles and other parts of a roof. It is important for homeowners make sure their drains and downspouts are working properly, that their roofs are free from debris and that trees and shrubs are trimmed back far enough so as to not damage the roof.

Animals and insects can also be quite problematic for roofs. The overhang of a roof tends to attract them the most. If a homeowner notices obvious nests, hives or even simple cracks, holes or rotting, it is likely that the soffit of the roof has been infested by insects or animals, and you will need professional help.

Lack of maintenance can also be a big factor in roof problems. Although it can be easy to forget about maintaining your roof, doing so can have costly consequences. Routine inspections are important to keeping a roof working as it should. Homeowners can also be on the lookout for shingles that have blown off or are being uplifted. Shingles that are missing granules can also be a warning sign that your roof needs professional attention.

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