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Most homeowners don't notice roof leaks until they see water damage on the ceiling or water is dripping from the ceiling. When leaks have festered for that long, the damage that they cause and the cost to fix it can be very high. The best way to avoid this is to have Northern Kentucky roofers inspect your roof for potential damage and fix the problem before it gets worse. To gain a better understanding of why leaks happen, learn more about the most common causes.

Broken or missing shingles are a very common cause of roof leaks, and they can break off in strong winds, crack when you walk on them and warp over time from direct sunlight. You may be able to see missing shingles just by looking up at your roof from the ground, or you may see them in your yard. Roofers know how to maneuver on your roof so that they don't break any other shingles while replacing the broken or missing ones.

Flashing is made of thin metal pieces that roofers install under shingles and at the joints of the roof to create waterproof barriers. When flashing becomes damaged and cracked by water buildup or strong winds, water can leak underneath the shingles and eventually seep through the roofing deck. If your flashing is exposed, you will see large cracks in it.

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If it's concealed, you will see cracks in the rubberized coating that covers it. To fix this, roofers simply replace the flashing and apply a sealant over the nails.

Clogged gutters are a leak hazard for roofs, and it occurs when debris builds up in the gutter system and forms a blockage. This stops the flow of water, and fresh rainfall will continue to build up as long as the blockage is present. The pooling water can seep underneath your shingles and eventually penetrate the roofing deck. You may see leaves sticking out of your gutters when you look up, or you might notice water flowing over the side rather than through the downspout. Roofers use ladders to reach the gutters and clean away the debris with their hands or other tools.

Similar to clogged gutters, ice dams are also common causes of roof leaks. This happens when some of the snow on your roof melts but the topmost layer remains frozen. The water underneath will run to the edge of the roof and refreeze, preventing other melted snow from draining off. This means that the water will pool on the roof and could leak into any cracks. The weight of the ice itself may also cause damage.

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