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Northern Kentucky Roofers: Article About Advantages and Disadvantages Of Metal Roofs

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Whether you are replacing your current roof or installing a roof on a new home, there are many viable options available. Although it is tempting to choose a traditional option like asphalt shingles, you may want to consider buying a metal roof as it offers several distinct advantages. You can get help deciding if a metal roof is right for your home by contacting reputable Northern Kentucky roofers.

One of the biggest advantages of using metal as a roofing material is its durability. In general, most metal roofs can survive heavy impacts, protect a house from severe weather conditions and resist the effects of mold. In addition, it is not unusual for the average metal roof to last between 30 and 70 years under normal circumstances.

Another advantage of installing a metal roof is the potential cost savings. These savings are a result of the roof's energy efficiency as the roof is able to reflect the solar heat generated by the sun. This solar heat reflection helps to reduce your cooling costs by decreasing your need for air conditioning.

Most metal roofs are given a Class A fire rating because they are fire resistant.

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A metal roof will not burst into flames during a forest fire, burn from the hot embers of a neighborhood fire or ignite from a lightning strike.

Similar to other roof types, such as clay and slate, there are also some noteworthy disadvantages to installing a metal roof. One such disadvantage is the prohibitive cost of a metal roof. Although a metal roof can offer some long-term savings thanks to its low maintenance costs, longevity and energy efficiency, it is costlier to install than other types of roofing systems.

Unfortunately, metal roofs can also be excessively noisy during heavy rainstorms or hail; a heavy rainstorm can make many homeowners feel like they are living on the inside of a drum. You can control the noise by installing extra insulation or sound-dampening material. Just note that the extra material adds to the overall cost of installing the roof.

Another disadvantage of using a metal roof is that it needs to be properly installed with fasteners that allow the metal to properly expand and contract with the changing weather. If the roof is not properly installed with the applicable metal roofing fasteners, the metal panels that make up the roof can become loose. In addition, water can collect on the roof if it is poorly installed, which can cause rust on some metal roofs.

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