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When it comes to adding on to your house, extending your roof is one of the easiest places to start. Although the roof is usually an afterthought when it comes to adding on to your home, you can do it at minimal cost when you combine the right Independence roofing company with a great idea. The challenge is deciding what kind of roof extension is right for you.

There are a few standard roof extensions that you can use to easily add on to your home. One involves hiring a professional to add on to the end of your existing roof. This is typically done from the gable end of your home, which is the side where the roof slopes up to form the peak. Many homeowners choose this option because it's a low-cost solution and ties in well with the main house, making your home look bigger overall.

However, this type of roof extension isn't for everyone because the gable side of the house usually faces the side yard rather than the front or back. Most homeowners have less side yard to work with, so adding a roof extension in that area doesn't provide enough space.

If a simple roof extension doesn't work for you, consider a shed roof. This is another simple solution where a roofer builds a single slope roof that attaches to your home at the high point and then slants down to the outer wall.

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This type of extension is easy for most roofers to build and is generally easy on your budget. The biggest pitfall to this option is that the shed roof looks like an obvious add-on compared to other options such as a traditional roof extension. There are even some communities that ban the use of shed roofs, so check with your roofer to find out if a shed roof fits within your local building codes.

Another option is a gable roof extension. Instead of using a single slope, this type of extension uses two. These two slopes form another peak to your house, and if the angles match the current roof line, your new gable roof extension will add some visual character. Unlike a shed roof, this is seen as more of an asset that complements your current home.

If you're unsure what kind of roof extension would work best for your home, consider talking to a local roofing company. It can give you deeper insight into each type of roof extension and help you determine which one will work for your home.

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