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Many homeowners are interested in roofing systems that will last for a lifetime. Metal roofs have some of the longest lifespans, averaging 50 years when they are properly maintained. For many years, the appearance of metal roofing was somewhat unattractive. Today's newest types of metal roofing include stone-coated metal, which have the look of other materials but the strength and reliability that metals are known for. Experienced Independence roofing contractors can help local homeowners enjoy many of these benefits.

Stone-coated metal roofing systems are made of zinc coated metal panels or monolithic sheets. With a thickness of 26-gauge steel, they are strong and thick enough to resist the impact of small hailstones or tree branches. The thickness and durability of this type of material makes it ideal for use in environments that have harsh and sometimes severe weather conditions. With a Class 4 UL 2218 hail rating and Class A fire rating, installation of one of these roofs could help lower a home's insurance premiums.

Stone-coated metal roofs come in many styles, including shake, tile, barrel tile and shingle. These styles resemble wood shakes, clay tiles and asphalt shingles. Several manufacturers make the panels, and there is a range of more than 20 colors. The range of styles and colors of these roofs gives them a high level of aesthetic appeal.

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Compared to fiberglass and asphalt shingles, metal roofing panels are highly energy efficient. They reflect 75 percent or more of the sun's heat energy compared to a dark asphalt shingle. Property owners interested in increased energy efficiency should select one of the lighter shades, such as white or light gray. Because less of the sun's energy is absorbed by the metal roof, homeowners can reduce their summertime air conditioning costs by a significant amount.

These stone-coated steel roofs are lightweight, which makes them ideal for use on most types of houses. No structural modifications or extra supports are needed to install a roof like this. If the homeowners select the barrel tile configuration, they can get the look of a hefty clay tile roof without the need for costly carpentry services to ensure that the roof can support the added weight of authentic clay tiles.

There are a few drawbacks to installing this type of a roof. The initial investment for a stone-coated metal roof is more than that of an asphalt, fiberglass, rubber or wood shake roof. Installing this kind of roof takes about a week, compared with three days for a traditional three-tab shingle roof.

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