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Independence Roofing: Article About Dealing With Tree Debris

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Many homeowners may not realize just what their roofs protect them against. Not only do roofs keep the rain out when properly maintained, but they also protect against falling branches, dead trees and other organic materials that may fall on the roof during a storm or if the area experiences high winds. However, dislodged trees, limbs and shrubs can still cause major damage to the roof. As such, it is recommended that homeowners remove the risks by taking care of the foliage surrounding the roof. Independence roofing contractors can help by identifying any foliage that may cause a problem in the future and mitigating the issue before major damage occurs.

There are certain warning signs that may indicate that a tree could fall on the roof. Dead trees in particular are less hardy than those that are still living. Because they may no longer grasp the ground via a root system, they could easily be knocked over during heavy winds. Additionally, trees that have large hollows or cracks in them are also likely to fall over in strong winds.

If a tree is knocked over in a rain or windstorm, it can cause some significant damage to the roof. If the tree or limb is heavy enough, the weight could cause the roof to simply collapse.

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If the roof holds up, the limb or trunk could still cause the shingles to crack or split, leaving the underlayment and roof decking exposed to the outdoor environment. If rain does enter the home, the homeowner may also have to deal with major leaks, water damage and even mold growth. If power lines or electrical wires were damaged, an electrical fire could result.

The most important thing that homeowners can do to avoid tree damage is to manage the foliage on the property. This usually means cutting down any trees that are dead or dying and removing limbs that are within six feet of the roof. If the area routinely experiences high winds, a trusted roofer should be contacted to provide guidance about any trees that should be removed.

If a roof becomes damaged by a fallen tree, homeowners should contact their insurance provider and a roofing contractor as soon as possible. Roof damage caused by fallen trees are usually covered under warranty. By having a professional roofer inspect the home as soon as possible, the affected homeowners may have the ability to avoid further damage that could result from leaks and structural problems.

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