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Gutters collect water from a roof in order to channel it away to an optimal location. The channeling path is meant to protect the roof, the foundation and the property. An optimized, functioning gutter system is essential to ensuring that a roof remains in ideal condition. When water is not channeled away from a roof in an efficient manner, that backup can compromise shingles, fascia boards and other roofing components. Although many different kinds of companies install gutters, homeowners should opt for an Independence roofing company that can design the gutter system around the specific needs of the roof.

When choosing a gutter system, homeowners have many options available to them. Aluminum is the most readily available gutter material, but many homeowners opt for galvanized steel or copper instead. Gutters and downspouts can be painted to match a home, but aluminum, for instance, is available in a wide range of colors other than white and can be matched to the home. Another option is vinyl gutters and downspouts, which are available in nearly any color. Vinyl is very economical and a popular option for gutters on homes with vinyl siding.

Gutters are available in K style or U shape, which is an aesthetic choice. Another important consideration when selecting gutters is size.

The roofing experts at AnyWeather Roofing of Independence KY can assist you with any questions regarding commercial roofing or gutters.

Most professionals prefer gutters that are five to six inches wide and downspouts that are at least three inches in diameter. Homeowners should note that downspout diameter is the most important factor in determining how much water the system will be able to channel away and how fast it will do it.

The most common problem with gutters is blockage. Along with water, gutters collect acorns, dirt, granules from shingles and a wide range of other foreign objects. This matter will reduce the flow of water, which may lead to pooling. Larger matter can also collect at the mouth of the downspout, which will significantly reduce the amount of water channeled, and that may worsen over time. Because of this, gutters require regular cleaning, but homeowners can reduce the frequency by installing gutter guards.

Homeowners can make gutter choices that enhance both the aesthetics and function of their homes. Rain chains have become an increasingly popular alternative to downspouts because they turn the flowing water into a cascading waterfall. Likewise, many homeowners have added rain collection systems rather than channeling water into the yard or street. Collected water can then be used for green purposes, such as washing cars or watering the lawn.

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