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Independence Roofing: Article About Benefits Of A Roof Tear Off

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A new roof is a big investment and making sure it will deliver years of protection while maintaining an attractive appearance is an important investment. The high cost of a new roof often has homeowners looking for more budget friendly alternatives. For example, Independence roofing contractors can help reduce the cost of a new roof installation by simply installing new shingles over the existing roof.

Reroofing can help save money, but this process is not without a few drawbacks. In many cases, reroofing is an acceptable alternative to a complete tear off the old shingles. However, it is important that homeowners discuss this option with a roofing professional and understand some of the problems they might face.

Shingles are designed to be installed on a flat surface. When old roofing materials are removed, the roof can be inspected for signs of water leaks, insect infestation, mold or rotting. This offers the ideal opportunity to take care of any potential problems and ensure the deck is in top condition before the new roof is installed.

Whether a deck is going to be covered with wood shake, fiberglass shingles, tiles or even metal, a tear off offers the best surface on which to install the new roofing materials. Not only will potential problems be easy for the roofing contractor to spot, but the roof will also typically be more energy efficient.

The roofing experts at AnyWeather Roofing of Independence KY can assist you with any questions regarding residential roofing or commercial roofing.

Without the additional layer of shingles that would be left on during reroofing, a homeowner will likely have lower cooling bills. Those extra shingles tend to trap heat, requiring the cooling system to work harder to keep the home comfortable.

One of the biggest benefits of choosing a tear off over reroofing is that homeowners will be able to take full advantage of their new roof. Reroofing can shorten the life span of new shingles. Unfortunately, this can mean that homeowners who choose to reroof will need to pay for a new roof sooner than would be necessary if they had chosen a tear off. Of course, it's also important to understand that when this new roof is needed, the homeowner will have higher tear off costs because of the extra layer of roofing materials left on their home. The savings most homeowners think they are getting are really just put off until the next new roof is needed.

A new roof that is installed after a tear off looks neater and gives the home better curb appeal. This can help increase property value and bring in higher offers if the homeowner decides to sell.

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