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After a severe storm, water may end up pooling on a roof. This frequently is due to a combination of the volume of rain and a roof that hasn't been maintained. Overflowing gutters or debris on a roof will allow water to collect. If a puddle stays for more than 48 hours, it is considered standing water. A bit of water on a roof may seem like a small issue, but it doesn't take a lot of standing water to cause major problems with a roof and require the assistance of a Hebron roofing service.

Standing water on a roof can lead to leaks developing and, in some extreme cases, a roof collapsing. Leaks are a major issue because they can allow water to soak into an attic, which may result in water damage to a home's structure. Additionally, water can reduce the efficiency of insulation and cause mold to develop.

Roofs are more vulnerable to developing leaks when standing water is present because most roofs have tiny imperfections in them the size of pinpoints. In normal circumstances, water simply sluices off a roof due to a roof's pitch and the hydrophobic properties of asphalt shingles.

However, when water is standing, it can eventually work its way through these holes, creating leaks.

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Depending on how large of an area that is covered by water, there may be several small leaks, which can result in a large amount of damage.

Water standing on a roof can also cause a roof to sag. Water is heavy, and just 1 inch of water over a square foot of roofing weighs 5 pounds. If water is spread over a sizable area of a roof, it can add 1,000 pounds or more of weight for the roof to support. Enough water on a roof can lead it to collapse.

Because the weight of water on a roof will cause it to sag, the sagging area gives water a larger area to collect in, which adds more weight and creates a larger depression.

It is important to get standing water off a roof as quickly as possible to help prevent this cycle from occurring and reduce the amount of damage done by it. Work may need to be done to a roof to repair any damage caused by standing water, and it may be a good idea to install roofing crickets to help keep water flowing off a roof.

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