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For centuries, people have enjoyed architecture with a rustic look. Although nobody wants their residential or commercial properties to appear old and battered, an intentional rustic design is often desired in the world of real estate. Specific roofing materials accomplish this type of display and can complement the rest of the structure. If you are looking for more information about rustic materials, contact a Hebron roofing specialist. As they will tell you, no longer does a rustic roof need to be built with wood shakes or shingles; many other materials on the market now present that same wood characteristic. Nevertheless, wood is still in high demand.

Wood products continue to be popular among homeowners even though other available products promise to be longer lasting. With an authentic wood shake rooftop, the unpolished effect is guaranteed. Wood shingles can work too, but nothing compares to a hand-split piece of red cedar or pine for a rustic feel. If the roof is on a house, then Blue Level heartwood is required; the sapwood near the perimeter of the tree is not strong enough for a residence and often has knots and other imperfections. The shingle or shake's width must be parallel to the tree's radius line. No curves in the grain should exist.

Because technology has affected virtually every industry today, a rustic appearance in roofing can now be achieved without the use of wood.

The roofing experts at AnyWeather Roofing of Hebron KY can assist you with any questions regarding roofing ventilation or storm damage repair.

Some manufacturers produce a polymer-composite synthetic shake tile that looks very much like real cedar. They offer a choice between a split and sawn look, and the products provide much better durability than wood components. The deep-grained surface is replicated, but limited maintenance is required. With its fire and impact resistance, these lightweight tiles are ideal for modern structures whose homeowners want a traditional look.

Asphalt shingles can also be made to resemble wood, but they generally look more authentic from a distance than up close. Metal roofs are available with a wood-like appearance as well. Because metal roofs are lightweight, fire resistant, strong and long lasting, many property owners have metal shakes installed instead of wood. As with asphalt, however, the wood likeness is believable mostly from a street view. Clay and concrete tile also continue to be top sellers in the roofing industry and can sometimes be formed to give a wood-like semblance.

Overall, today's homeowner has many options in roofing even when looking for a rustic presence. While some synthetic shake materials are more convincing than others, each customer must weigh the pros and cons to find the best choice for their personal property.

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