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Rooftops should be evaluated at least once or twice a year. These evaluations contribute to ongoing maintenance on the structure itself. You'll pay small fees for minor repairs when they arise during these trips. It's possible to avoid major repairs with frequent evaluations. Also, don't wait for the next appointment if you notice a problem right away. Contact a professional immediately when your roof needs service.

You may be wondering what a thorough evaluation by Hebron roofing professionals involves. Take a look at the basic checkpoints every roofer verifies when they perform a maintenance appointment.

The first action that you should see during a rooftop evaluation is a walking tour. One or more contractors will venture to the roof, and they'll walk in calculated patterns across the surface. They might document the findings with notes or by taking photos. In some cases, the workers will traverse the surface twice in order to catch any subtle issues missed along the first pass. All of this documented information will be brought to you after the evaluation.

Contractors spend a lot of time examining ridges and troughs across the roof, too. They'll test materials for looseness, such as caps and flashing.

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Workers also take a close look at the rooftop penetrations. Skylights, vents and chimneys have many seals around their perimeters. These areas must be firmly covered so that the rooftop has a continuous layer up and around these penetrations. Leaks will often result if penetration seals break down.

Another vulnerable area is the drip edge at the base of the rooftop's slope. Contractors will verify that the drip edge is firmly attached to the sheathing below. They'll also check the gutters and hanger brackets that hold them. The gutters should hold moisture with ease as it's removed from the rooftop area.

You'll also find contractors evaluating the ground level. The soil tells the workers if the gutters are working well or when shingles are breaking down by dropping granules to the ground. The ground-level evaluation is usually the last part of an appointment. You receive a quote on any repairs at this point.

Don't hesitate to contact a roofer between these yearly appointments if you notice a rooftop problem arising. Because you know the property well, any anomalies will stand out in your eyes. Missing shingles or other issues should be serviced as soon as possible. The rooftop can last for several decades with diligent care by both you and local contractors.

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