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The growth of moss is one of the things that can sully the look of your roof and, if left untended, cause premature damage. Though Hebron roofing experts are skilled at replacing a moss-damaged roof, learning preventative maintenance when it comes to moss is often a smarter play. Here is a look at some of the ways that moss grows and how to remove and prevent this rooftop nuisance.

Moss requires specific conditions to grow. Particularly, it needs water and shade to thrive. This can happen in an area surrounded by a lot of trees or even on the north side of a steep-pitched roof in a warm, moist climate. It is spread to roofs by airborne spores, and at times by hitching a ride on animals who visit the rooftop as well.

To prevent moss, you can do a number of things. First, trim tree limbs that are overhanging or provide shade or animal access to your roof. The sunnier your roof is and the less accessible it is to animal life, the less likely you will get new moss sources. Second, do a cleaning once a year on your roof with a weak bleach solution in a spray bottle.

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Gently rinse the solution off with a garden hose when you are done (pressure washing will damage your roof), and be careful not to hurt any plants beneath the eaves with the bleach solution. This is also an effective way to remove established moss. If you are diligent with this, it will be all you need to stay moss-free for many years to come. If you live in a very shady area or have a particularly wet season, consider a spring and a fall cleaning to be on the safe side.

A number of additional moss-free products exist, but you want to be careful with some of them. Moss control granules can work well in many cases, but many of them are iron based and will cause rusty streaks after the first rain. Zinc and copper strips require compromising the waterproof nature of your roof because of nails or the lifting of the overlap between shingles and expose it to air currents. Pressure washing companies advertise their services, but they can blow the gravel off of asphalt shingles and reduce the lifespan of your roof.

If you have specific concerns about the integrity of your roof or access to high or steep-angled sections of the structure, it is best to discuss these with a qualified roofer. They have the long-term integrity of your roof and the most efficient way to get the moss off of your building in mind. This can mean five extra years in the life of your roof in some cases.

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