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The decking is one of those components that isn't easily compromised to the point of needing repair. However, it can sustain damage just like any other aspect of the roof. Although it may be resilient enough to be used after a few installations of new shingles, the decking can begin to degrade over time. Once this component of the roof has been compromised, there may be an increased risk for a collapse. Many homeowners will seek help from Hebron roofing specialists to ensure the stability of this surface.

Although there may be several layers of waterproofing above the decking, it can still be damaged. Storms, tree branches and other debris can wear down the shingles and underlayment until the deck itself is exposed. In more severe storms, things like satellite dishes and other roof-bound objects could be torn from the surface. This will undoubtedly damage the deck. In any case, it's always prudent to have the roof inspected after such violent storms in order to verify the safety and security of the decking.

Weather isn't the only cause of damage to roofing materials. Animals such as birds and rodents can begin working their way into the structure by taking advantage of small holes or cracks. Creatures like squirrels can easily gnaw at the decking of a roof in order to widen the hole for easy entry or to simply chew on the wood.

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This leads to the further damages from water as moisture can seep into the same entry point.

In many situations, the decking can be easy to inspect. As long as you have access to view the bottom of the deck from the attic, you can identify trouble areas before it caves in. You do this by examining the areas in between the rafters for discolorations or rotted wood. It's also possible to use a hammer or other blunt object to gently push into the decking. This will help you determine if the wood is soft or beginning to show signs of weakening. However, you'll want to be careful when doing this. Not only will there be many nails protruding down from the decking, you don't want to inadvertently tear through the surface with a hammer.

Out of all of the components that make up a roof, the decking is often as sturdy as the rafters. However, this doesn't mean it shouldn't be inspected regularly. It will be less costly to deal with the small problems today rather than face the expense of repairs or replacements tomorrow.

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